About Me

Hello there! I'm Angela Louise Tomas, currently taking Bachelor of Science in Computer Science as a 1st year tertiary student. Since you have already stopped by on this page, this might be a good opportunity for you to get to know me! I remember it was on this year, 9th of January, when I have discovered my love for drawing. To be honest, I really don't have a talent for art, but I was inspired by a lot of creative artists who had gone through this exact phase just like me. In fact, you don't need to have a talent in order to create what you want, you just need to learn and believe in yourself that you can do it, too. And that's what I did, however, it doesn't mean that I have already reached my goal—because I'm still a work in progress.

Even though I used to draw when I was younger, I really didn't take it seriously. Although, during this pandemic, I have found drawing as a hobby and a potential root of profit. And as of the moment, I'm still building my audience on Instagram as my main platform to exhibit my artworks, I also engage with my current followers and other creative artists whom I have shared the similar interests and goals with, and I must say that it really feels great to know that I'm growing by doing what I love with them. I'm continuously enhancing my own art style, but I'm now officially open for art commissions! My artworks portray a vibe of spring and a theme of nature as I use soft pastel colors, soft animals, soft flowers, and anything within the Fairycore aesthetic.